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Moving Strides

Lisa Bradley, LPC, R-DMT
Licensed Professional Counselor
Registered Dance/Movement Therapist

~ Artistic Director of Embodied Dance~ | (458) 206 - 0337
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For some, the journey towards health is found through dance and movement, for others it's horses, and for some others it is found through the integration of the two. I would like to invite you to ponder the idea that it is possible to heal, grow, and transform your self and the life you are living through alternative therapies such as Dance/Movement Therapy and Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy, and/or with the creative endeavor of contemporary dance. I'd like also to invite you to feel into your intuition or gut response as you navigate my site and begin making this choice towards growth, empowerment, and/or creativity. What do you notice comes up for you as you read about connecting to the body, or about connecting with horses?


I have extensive training in the modalities of dance and choreography, dance/movement therapy, and equine-facilitated psychotherapy. What that has done is supported me in gaining a deeper understanding of the healing opportunities within movement, creativity, and expression. It has also given me therapeutic insight in the innate wisdom of the body, and the intuitive and supportive nature of horses. These perspectives have strong therapeutic value for individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and/or Grief and Loss, and/or simply striving for more in life. Therefore, I gently urge you to feel into whether these perspectives may support your journey.

If after you've navigated my site, and you feel even a small curiosity about the feelings and thoughts that arose, I invite you to call with questions or make an appointment with me for a FREE, 1/2 hour consultation. Having experienced first hand the healing powers of dance, horses, and therapy, I look forward to connecting and sharing these creative modalities with you. 



Again, Welcome!

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