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"After experiencing traumatic grief and dealing with complex PTSD,  I needed to feel safe and protected. Lisa provided this for me. She always created a safe space for me with the horses so that I could heal. Her ability to hold space for her clients is unlike any other therapist I've had. Lisa always validated my feelings, never judged me and guided me in my healing journey. To say it simply, she always had my back."

Jenn Cross


"...thought of you... as being [a] DMT leader in our community... engaging in powerful and inspiring work in our community."

Anonymous Dance/Movement Therapist in the Boulder, CO. area


"...thanks again for the class on Sunday! I felt like I made a mini breakthrough and I've been dancing more... I think it is helping me in my daily life too."

Anonymous Participant


"Really beautiful to see you work! It was both touching and opening for me, and I really hope to come again soon. It was totally different than I had expected, and really nourishing. It would be so awesome to dive into it deeper."

Anonymous Participant


"The process that you have developed and the presence that you hold is valuable and important work!"

Anonymous Participant


“It was really profound to witness you in your work and to be a part of the process.”

​Anonymous Participant

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